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Masque of the Month

I have to give a major shout out to this product I've been using over the past 2 weeks. I knew I was going to love it from looking at the ingredients. The very first ingredient is called Pascalite Clay. Pascalite is one of my most favorite natural ingredients because, well.. it WORKS. It has been called by Native Americans as the "healing clay". They would use it to aid in drawing out out venom from spider bites, snake bite etc... I typically suffer from clogged pores and breakouts once a month especially around my neck and chin. This mask reduced the size of a cystic spot under my chin by half in 2 days! Combined with several other healing ingredients this product worked quickly leaving my skin feeling soft, not dehydrated. The smell is also quite soothing and not offensive at all. Here are a few other things pascalite helps heal- Burns • Spider & Bug/Insect Bites • Cuts & Scrapes • Rashes & Skin Ailments • Minor Wounds • Acne & Other Skin Issues • Arthritis • Infections • Detoxes & Baths • Skin Softener

Retails for $38- to purchase click the link below. Free shipping with reoccurring orders. Also 30 day happiness guarantee!

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