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Have you ever wished for a personal touch to your beauty routine? Do you find yourself shopping at beauty counters only to come home completely confused and overwhelmed? Are you stuck in a rut and need to revamp your style? Maybe you have a teen who needs some hands on guidance appropriate for their skin type and age. If this describes you or someone you know, I am here with solutions for all of your personal beauty needs. 

One-on-one private lessons include skincare analysis and application techniques. Makeup application is customized to individual skin type, texture, tone and features. What will be covered in your lesson:

  • ​How to prepare skin before makeup

  • How to choose the appropriate brush for makeup application

  • Foundation matching and application

  • Contour, highlight, blush

  • How to prime and apply shadow, liner and mascara for each individual's eye shape

  • Brow mapping and shading

  • Which color palette is appropriate for individual skin tone

  • Concealer, how to brighten and correct discoloration

  • Product suggestions

  • How to wash and properly care for makeup brushes/ sanitation​.

Lessons are complimentary with minimum purchase of  LimeLife by Alcone products. Products must be purchased at the time of the lesson. 

Group lessons also available upon request. Please contact me for pricing. 

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